Why The BLM Matters !

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Black Lives Matter As Long As Racism Is Prevalent.

I had drafted this article a few months back and feel now is a good time to share my thought. Growing up misinformed about the Black community while thinking my heritage was one step above theirs is embarrassing. It is not easy for me to be candid about this but after a lot of soul-searching and re-educating myself, I realised the way to move forward is through conversation, even if it means asking stupid questions.

At least this way I could get corrected by the right answers and grow. As the media was whitewashed growing up, I had a lack of identity and a shortage of exposure to other communities. Suddenly in the late '90s early 2000's when performers like Denzil Washington, Will Smith, Wesley Snipes, Jordan, Michael Jackson etc... and many more exploded on-screen, the connection got me confused, as there was a sense of belonging. May it be sports, entertainment, politics or education, there is an understanding that the Black community had to work harder than anyone else in the room. This is still an ongoing problem and I have witnessed it first hand, whilst working for a real estate company where the landlord had a ‘no Asians or Blacks’ policy, due to the fact that their food smells. The black lives matter movement during the pandemic & Trump era exhibited the ignorance and unwillingness of a few privileged illiterates and educated to expose the "Karens" (Female), Priti Patel & Ken or Terry or Greg (Male). I can't change the world, but, I can change myself for the better - So here is to CHANGE!


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