Who is Sivaji ?

Sivaji Ganesan is an unknown actor to the western world, but to South Asia, he is considered a Legend who caused ripples. In his first movie Parasakthi ( 1952), his performance, particularly the courtroom dialogue, has its cult following. The illustration seen was based on his character `Veerapandiya Kattabomman`

(1956), also the movie title. In the movie, he refused to accept the control of the then British East India Company. This illustration is not to brush the British as evil but rather to show how my dyslexic mind feels towards the education system - Frustrating and needing a change. The other personal reason was Sivaji reminded me of my granddad, who passed in 1998. The impact he had in movies was similar to the effect my Grand-dad on his family life.

The illustration is a homage to the late actor, and I have visualised it to try and keep it current. Hopefully, this will get the attention of the younger generation to get inspired by his body of work.

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